Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Hussar Cry

I've been busy preparing a unit of 7YW Russian hussars. Basically I used the old Revell Prussian hussars. The riders are quite ok in my humble opinion, the horses however I find a bit too skinny. I decided to give the Revell riders new mounts. The horses I use now come from Zvezda's Napoleonic Russian Hussars.
I haven't made up my mind yet which historical unit I want my horsemen to represent. Some Russian units carried headgear just as the Revell Prussian hussar but others wore a more busby like style. This could mean I have to swap heads. In that case I will give the riders a new head coming from the old Esci British light dragoonsI will sleep on it a little longer, so no cries here.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crossing Holy Water

Today I received two beautiful new terrain pieces. These are a (NW) European classical style church and a single arched stone bridge. Both are produced by HovelsHowever officially made for 25mm scale they match 20mm figs very well. The two items are useful for many historical periods and miniature battles. I have captured them on photo with some future 7YW Ruskies. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Black Powder 7 Years War Russian Army Project

Hi there,

Heavily influenced by a fantastic Black Powder Seven Years War demo at Impact in Uden, I decided to make my own miniature wargame troops for this historical period. And this is why I very recently started  creating a Russian 7YW army.

This army is going to have musketeer and grenadier battalions, Pandurs and of course cavalry units like cuirassiers, dragoons and hussars. Wanted it to have mounted Cossacks and horse grenadiers too. Furthermore I needed some field and regimental artillery plus command stands. Here you see the first result showing my basic Russians. 

All figures are in 1:72 scale and for most part plastics from companies like Revell and Zvezda. Have done some minor conversions like headswaps. Unlike the ones shown in the picture all model guns will come from Zvezda's Great Northern War Russian artillery set. Will start coating and painting my first units in July. So I don't mind when it's a bit of a rainy summer in Holland this year. 


LITTLE LIONS; miniature wargaming Blog

Today I started my own miniature wargaming Blog. I will focus mainly on playing historical battles with figures and vehicles in 1:72, 1:76 and 20mm scale. Hope you will enjoy the fun and fighting of my LITTLE LIONS too!