Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All along the Watchtower

On our second hobby day my son and I were very productive. I painted up the final layer of greenskin on an Orc Warriors unit and prepared some Napoleonic troops.
My youngest (he is fifteen) finished his scratchbuild Orcish Watchtower. In my opinion this tower has become a beautiful terrain piece and I must admit that I'm a really proud to show some pictures of the structure here.
The base is from a railway hobby H0 gauge bungalow model that I quite often bombarded with marbels and other stuff while playing with toysoldiers in my youth. The smashed bungalow is long gone but the base survived and now fullfills a new purpose. How nostalgic, but Orcs donotta grinn!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Today Orcs roamed the attic

I have two holi-hobby-days. Been working on my 7YW Russian infantry. Had a lot of trouble with the coat coming of  while putting on the first layers of paint. I stopped and decided to clean them up again. Shit happens!

My youngest son was sitting next to me, busy painting a Warhammer Fantasy Battles Orc Warrior unit. He however preffered to work on his scratchbuild watchtower. That's how I ended up painting greenskins this afternoon. All in all we had a good time, sharing work and fun with our mutual hobby today.Tomorrow we continu. I promised painting the final skin layer on the Orc unit. After that I'll switch back to historical again.           

Monday, July 2, 2012

Borodino 1812 with Black Powder

Paint it black; that's what I did today with four different Russian Infantry units. These troops are for my 7YW Black Powder army. But I have plans for more Black Powder Russians. I'm going to make troops with which I can refight the famous battle of Borodino 1812 and some fictional 1812-1814 battles between Napoleonic Russian and La Grande Armee troops too.
The funny thing is that I already have some painted 1:72 Russian and French troops. These troops are oil-painted and consist mainly of old Esci figures. Now I plan for acrylic painted ones with better quality figures from companies as Zvezda, Hat and Italeri. Below are two pictures of a wargame battle with my oldies.