Friday, April 19, 2013

IMPACT of the Hired Guns

Its gonna be busy times with very interesting and relative new hobby events in the Netherlands. About a week before the previously announced and very good FIGZ convention in Arnhem, the Dutch Wargaming Club "the Hired Guns" will be holding their 2013 IMPACT MINIATURE EVENT.

After the success of the first IMPACT in 2012 there will be the expected and hoped for 2013 edition. This year there will be more different demogames, models, scenery and other wargame related items.

You can look at and perhaps particpate in demogames like Black Powder, Warhammer World War Two, Saga and Dystopian Wars. Several dealers will be present with their sales tand and there is a painting competition, a scratchbuilders happening, a second hand market and a wargaming tournament.

I visited IMPACT in 2012 and took these photo's. IMPACT 2013 will be held on May 26th 2013 at the Wijkcentrum Kom In, Germenzeel 800 in Uden. Entry is € 5,-

Monday, April 15, 2013

FIGZ 2013 is coming

FIGZ is an event in the Netherlands for collectors, painters and wargamers of miniatures scale 1/32 and smaller. For example scales like 28mm, 1/72, 15mm en 6mm. It is becoming a yearly event. It started in 2011 and this years edition is the third in row.

At FIGZ 2011 I participated in a 15mm Fire & Fury ACW wargame demo. There were many more gamers and standholders, modellers etc. I took these pictures at that years event.

When you are a miniature gamer or a scale modeller or just want to have a look out of interest FIGZ is certainly worthwhile paying a visit! FIGZ 2013 will take place on Sunday the 2nd of June at the Dennenweg 106 in Arnhem. Entry is FREE!