Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Jean A De Longue Moustache"

Ici Radio Londres; "Jean a de longue moustache".  Je répète: "Jean a de longue moustache".

The new Battlegroup Overlord book is almost here! The book is from Iron Fist Publishing and the Plastic Soldier Company and is written with WW2 miniature games of 20mm or 15mm models in mind. It follows the Battlegroup Kursk rules but covers the D-Day landings and Normandy campaign.

The army lists in the book are; British Infantry, British Armoured, British Airborne and British Beach Assault. German Infantry, German Armoured, German Ersatz Panzer, Fallschirmjager and German Atlantic Wall defence. US Infantry, US Armoured, US Beach Assault and US Airborne. SS combat units can be build out off the German Armoured list and Commandos are on the British Beach Assault list.

Battlegroup Overlord seems to be available on the market very soon, so no beardgrow here from waiting, not even a longue moustache!   

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