Sunday, July 22, 2018

Battlegroup Overlord Game preparations

                                                Normandy Rue with houses / shops

                                                         Chapel or small Church

                                                          Normandy Farmhouse

                                              German Forward HQ in Panther A tank

                                                            Panther G platoon

                                         Sdkfz 251/1 transports for Panzer Grenadiers

                                                       Opel Blitz supply truck

                                     German Artillery Observers with Kubelwagen

                                   US Artillery Observers in Jeep & GMC supply truck

                                  Sherman M4A1 platoon (1x 76mm, 2x 75mm gun)

                                         M10 Wolverine tank destroyer platoon

                             US Infantry Division infantry & German Panzer Grenadiers

                                         More US and German infantry troops

                                         German Panther G platoon commander

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