Monday, October 21, 2013

Fantastic Fantasy (Part 1)

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of playing a couple of Warhammer Fantasy battles. There were several players so some battle scenario's with different armies went on simultaniously. I had an all Orc army, that is with just enough gobbo's to man two big shoota's (a rock lobber and a spear chukka).

My first engagement was with or better against a Wood Elve force. Though small in numbers this forest loving warriors proved more than a match for my greenskins. Because I did not play the 8th edition for quite a while I found myself catching breath for adequate rule knowledge. Luckely for me there was enough support from my fellow players so after some time I managed to catch-up and overcame this problem.

The real problem during my first game was me being unable to cope with those fine characteristics of the Wood Elve army. First there was the swiftness of their cavalry units that made my greenskins look like clumsy mobs ... uh ... like real Orcs, that is!? The biggest problem for me was the might of both Treemen, with one of them being the extra strong enemy general. These creatures bashed and stomped my precious orc units to pieces. They even directed complete forests against my already battered units. And so my first battle of the day became a real massacre! Worst of all was that I lend out a box of dice to my opponent and these dice worked almost magical for him.

After this firm beating I had some time for a breather and took the opportunity to visit a nearby table where a campaign battle was on between brave Empire troops on one side and fearsome Cult of Slaanesh warriors on the other.

The Slaanesh player suprised one Empire flank and overran it. The Empire troops had a though time holding off the numerous enemy attacks. One of those lead to the taking of a battletower by Witch Elves. Girls on Top was their motto!

Than I had to prepare for yet another engagement. This time heraldic Bretonnians were on the menu. I will continue my report in part 2 of this Fantastic Fantasy article.

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