Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pirates on Land, Pirates in Town

On proposal of a good friend and brother-in-law, we had a couple of games based on those magnificant Legends of the High Seas rules published by Warhammer Historical.

Being pirate and priveteer crews the quest for loot and liquer normally takes place on sea. But our scenario brought them on land, in a small town, near a ruined missionary house and even in the jungle.

The crews soon became quite dispersed and being seperated from each other they fought small mostly individual battles with a lust for loot in their excited eyes. Many brave crewman perished and only the strongest made it through. Finally these survivors had a showdown in the dense jungle, near the old temple.

Captain Badeye Burt the Buccaneer then entered this temple and went for that one golden-yellow price only to find out that it was the monkey that went bananas!

In the end all seemed lost and even in the dark some lonely crew members wandered through that treacherous jungle in search for both captain and fruitcake monkey.

We players had a very good time with this Legends of the High Seas scenario. For us it became certain that there will be much more pirate games in the near future. So hoist the colours!   

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